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New York City Project

New York City Project

  1. This is the 5th Avenue. It's a very long street. There are many shops.
  2. This is Times Square. It is a very popular place.
  3. This is the Brooklyn bridge. It was built in 1883.
  4. This is St. Patrick Cathedral.
  5. This is Central Park. It's very big. There are seven lakes, 20 playgrounds and a zoo.
  6. This is the New York Public Library. It's a very big building.
  7. This is Grand Central Terminal. It's a very big train station.
  8. This is the American Natural History Museum. You can see dinosaurs and many animals.
  9. This is the Metropolitan Museum. Here, you can see mummies from the ancient Egypt.
  10. This is the Yankee Stadium. You can see a baseball match.
  11. This is the Statue of Liberty. It's 93 metres tall. It is on Liberty island and you have to take a boat to visit it.
  12. This is the Empire State Building. It's a very tall skyscraper. It has 102 floors.
  13. This is Little Italy. There are a lot of restaurants there.
  14. This is Chinatown. There are many shops there.
  15. This is Broadway. There are many cinemas and theatres there.
  16. This is the Manhatan bridge.

Time zones

Time zones

London (UK): -1hour
New York City (USA): -6hours
Cairo (Egypt): +1hour
Dublin (Ireland): -1hour
Los Angeles (USA): -9hours
Sidney (Australia): +10hours
Tokyo (Japan): +8hours
Nairobi (Kenya): +2hours

Now it's ten o'clock in Seville.
It's nine o'clock in London.

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Countries of the World Project from 5th grade students.

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